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About Us

Welcome to Service Medical Professional

We are a professional First Aid Industry Body, operating a voluntary accreditation scheme, accrediting former and current Service personnel who are medical experts in their field and associated members that have obtained that standard and comply with the requirements of the Health and Saftey (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

We exist to provide Ex and Current uniformed service medical personnel with a recognisable accreditation that suffices in today’s First Aid learning environment. That accreditation is called STAMP.

We acknowledge that learning First Aid is in everybody’s reach.

Business and Individuals looking for First Aid Trainers want to ensure that those providing the service have the right accreditation and are trained to a high level, as indicated in the HSE guide for employers GIS3. By using Trainers listed on this site, service users know we are putting them in touch with professionals. i.e  Those who have been trained medically to a high professional standard as demanded by all uniformed services.

 As all service members know, First Aid Training is not about what logo you have paid to sign up to, or the equipment being used. First Aid is about having the confidence and basic knowledge to be able (without any equipment) to provide lifesaving first aid in the first few minutes.

What is STAMP?


Being a member means you are accredited to industry standard. Being STAMP registered is to First Aid what corgi registered was to gas engineers.

Service personnel  all have the same ethos to help others and save lives - that’s why they joined.

You already know who to turn to in an emergency and know the high standards and professionalism that the emergency services provide. This is also true for the armed forces that hold some of the highest standards of training and discipline. This give them along with the emergency services  the value of experience and perfecting their skills in all places and situations over hundreds of years.

All the services have medical trained personnel who are experienced, highly trained and have the ability and experience to instruct others.

Being taught by a STAMP accredited trainer provides the service users with the peace of mind their trainer is of regulatory standard. A STAMP accredited trainer complies with the requirements of Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981

Members do not simply pay a fee and get a logo. To be STAMP approved the trainers comply with due diligence (reasonable investigation). If they do not come up to the standard we DO NOT accept their money and they do not become STAMP approved.

When you are accepted by SMP and become STAMP approved, we continue to offer the support and partnerships you expected and received from the services.

 SMP brings a network of colleague’s  together similar to that provided by the services. Reducing costs on monitoring and training allows you to pass on your skills and deliver value for money high level training.

There will be no need for extra assessments or training, just what is required by law.

If you do need any help or extra training then this will be provided through the network of members, and we expect all our members to support each other.

Your skills you acquired in the services are highly sought after and with our support you can use theses to your advantage in many situations.


What levels are available?

All Membership. £80 per year inclusive. (This includes a % that goes to charity)

Membership levels


Members self-certify their own qualifications and training competency.

Access to trainer directory to advertise services

Access to SMP trainer’s portfolio

Access to training log data storage

Access to SMP library

Download documents

Phone support for legal and training matters and advice etc

Train and issue your own certificates (you can use the logo and state you are registered with SMP)


As self-certified but qualifications have been checked and verified by a SMP qualified verifier.

Higher rating on the trainer’s directory.

Train and issue certificates with the backing of SMP using the logo.

STAMP Accredited (Service trained accredited Medical Professional)

As Verified but are current and in date to the full standards required by SMP and

Train and issue certificates with the backing of SMP


Other monitoring evidence by a VAS, AO or FAIB or by another STAMP member will be accepted if it fits the criteria required by the HSE guidlines and SMP standards.

If you have difficulties in providing the accepted competency evidence, or do not reach the standard for the membership level that is required by SMP and the HSE,  then SMP can provide monitoring, checking and verifying by the most appropriate method.

Costs of SMP monitoring, checking Verifying.

Online training monitoring.  (Skype or other method) from £30 per session.

Personal visit for training monitoring from £60 per session.

Full SMP monitoring visit from £160 (Only when requested by member or following suspension following an investigation)

Other requests for checking and monitoring (not listed) may incur a cost depending on the most appropriate method.


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